Stella McCartney 2014 Green Carpet Collection


stella-mccartney-green-carpet-collection-24 STELLA+McCARTNEY+17

On the 14th of September 2014, Stella McCartney released her Green Carpet collection, in partnership with Livia Firth’s Eco Age. The collection encompassed the social, ethical and sustainable standards upheld by the Green Carpet Challenge (GCC). Mccartney’s collection is unique and represents an important advancement towards sustainable fashion. It incorporates aesthetically pleasing and highly commercial garments, which are entirely created from either recycled or sustainably certified materials.

“This collection is a huge step towards what I always have aimed to achieve, to push the boundaries and stereotypes of sustainable fashion by proving that it is possible to create and deliver beautiful, luxurious eveningwear causing little to no harm to the environment.”

This collection represents important movement in the fashion industry to help ensure longevity of trends and aesthetic focus through using technological advancements to help build fashionable and sustainable solutions.


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