Bassike: ecologically sustainable product solutions






Bassike is a luxury, successful lifestyle brand founded in 2006 by Mary Lou Ryan and Deborah Sams. Their collections are highly functional and durable and are made using sustainable practices and materials. Bassike provides an ‘undyed’ range made from organic, undyed cotton and materials. They also have developed a range of footwear, in collaboration with Espadrille label, Soludos. The capsule collection provides ecologically sustainable products, with soles being made from sustainable materials and organic cotton uppers, dyed using vegetable dye.

Bassike has created an effortless ‘eco-chic’ aesthetic, helping to raise awareness about the importance of making an environmentally responsible choice when shopping. Matthew Paroz, owner of, describes sustainable fashion as, “Not just a trend, there’s too much thought, preparation and money that goes into it. It’s a gradual process,” he explains. “We now have a new generation who are across the issue and making good choices. We need to educate ourselves and find information to make informed decisions.” Bassike features as one of few on his website, as he focuses on backing Australian brands with strong sustainability ethics, “I’m trying to support the brands that design with an ecological approach like Kate Sylvester,Gorman and Bassike. They balance sustainability with style…luxury and sustainability aren’t mutually exclusive anymore.”

Hence, in developing fabrications and creating a stylish, influential brand, Bassike has helped to pioneer fashion trends and movements towards a modern, current and ecologically responsible future.


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